Everybody has a story to tell and it’s our job to tell it or someone else will. These are wise words but, let’s be honest, everyone isn’t courageous enough to share their story. Kyle “Just Sole” Clark and his wife Dinita are courageous. They are courageous enough to share Kyle’s autobiography through dance. Furthermore, they give us a bit of Hip Hop dance history while they’re at it.

The show is “Life of a Just Sole” is a journey of self discovery and acceptance. The music is hot, the dancers are hot and the performance is not something you want to miss. Since this is a dance performance you will certainly get your groove on. The show is family friendly and inspirational. I will show your, rather than tell you why you should check out this performance. First of all, tune in to Praise in the City Saturday morning at 7am on 107.9 and Boom 103.9 FM on Sunday morning at 8am. You will hear my awesome conversation with Mr & Mrs Clark. Secondly, check out the promo video for the show in this post. Finally, check out their Facebook Live performance of the history of Hip Hop Dance at WRNB 100.3 FM.

Life of a Just Sole Promo

Facebook Live at 100.3 WRNB

For more info on this show and to purchase tickets CLICK HERE

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