“I’m mad as Hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” This is the infamous line from the 1976 film Network. This phrase also describes how some people feel daily. Life has a funny way of piling on the crazy all at once, therefore leaving you rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. From the depths of your ancestor’s soul you want to scream “enough already!” You can’t, can you? You know that screaming, especially in public, is a one way ticket to “judgementville.”  So, what do you do? What do you do when you reached your breaking point? What do you do when you’ve had enough? Let’s talk about it.

As I write this piece I’m at my breaking point. I’m celebrating a whopping 18 months of non stop “what the hell” and “are you kidding me?” The pressures, the calamities, the “did that just happen” covers every aspect of my life. I literally feel like I can’t buy a break if it were on sale and I have all the money in the world. People tell me “pressure makes diamonds,” but pressure busts pipes too. I want no parts of the later. How do I turn this pressure cooker situation into a precious jewel and not a plumbing nightmare? How do I stay sane and saved when I’ve had enough?

  1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH- Chile, before you scream “enough already” take a long, deep breath. If you’re like me then your anxiety can get the best of you. The worst thoughts race through your mind. You are limp, listless and irrational. You may have a knee jerk reaction that can land you in jail, so, before that happens, take a long deep breath.
  2. REMEMBER WHAT YOU HAVE TO LOSE- When my “enough already” meter leans into the red zone I’m in danger of releasing a un-survivably vicious clapback at the perpetrator of my stress. No matter how victorious I may feel in the moment, the result will not be good. My outburst or reaction can have serious negative consequences. I, like you, work too hard to let one person, or one situation, ruin my reputation. This when the pressure is at its highest. This is where the greatest regrets are conceived. Don’t birth that demon. Think before responding.
  3. DIG UP THE ROOTS- Okay, I’m breathing, I’m in control of my actions, now what? Investigate how I got to this point. What causes the stress? I must discover, label and change the situation. Am I stressed because I could lose a job and I don’t have money saved to pay bills? If the answer is “yes” then I must look for a new job before the current one disappears. The source of my pressure is my lack of emergency funds. Knowing exactly why I’m upset will help me avoid misdirecting my anger towards an undeserving party. Find the root of what makes you scream “enough already’ then decide what you can change about the situation.
  4. READ THE SIGNS- I don’t know about you but God gives me signs. Just before it’s time to move on, life gets uncomfortable. I mean unbearably uncomfortable. My journey to acting teaches me to lean into the discomfort. It sounds nutty but it works. Life is hardest when I ignore the signs and stay longer in a situation that I should evacuate. That road is the fast track to the long dark road of bad decisions and regret. Does all this strife mean that I should move on to the next stage in life? If the answer is “yes” then raise and roll.
  5. DO SOMETHING- The breaking point is the decision point. What do I do about this? Before you lose your mind, your job, your freedom or your life change your perspective. What can be done right now to change the situation? Moments like this often serve as a catalyst to the next big journey of life. What’s actually breaking are the chains on your mind. This moment, this point is fight or flight, baby. Stay and suffer or run and reign.

If you are experiencing a more serious type of breaking point then please seek help from a counsellor. I found a pretty awesome article which presents signs and symptoms of a mental breakdown and how you can reverse the effects. If you want to read that article CLICK HERE. If you have interesting coping mechanisms for stress please share them in the comments below. I would love to hear your reaction to this article. Please let me know if my list is helpful.

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