I’m often scouting for new talent in music but right now I’m looking for local Philly demetriamckinneytradeitallcoverartchoreographers. I have a great opportunity for an up and coming choreographer to work with a hot artist from Atlanta, Ga. The artist is Demetria McKinney and she will shoot her latest video for the song “Easy” in Philly on November 29th.

If you are interested in this opportunity you MUST submit your resume and links to your work by the end of the day today. Choreographers please send your submissions to Devinhampton1@gmail.com and groovecitylady@gmail.com. In the subject line type “Tiffany Bacon Recommended Choreographer” then your name. Here are some specifics about this opportunity:

  • This job pays $400
  • You should have access to your own rehearsal space
  • You should have access to at least 11 dancers
  • The dancers are extras in this project and will not receive payment
  • This is a great resume building opportunity
  • This will be an evening shoot on November 29th. Call time will be 5pm

Here is a copy of the song you may choreograph. Take a listen.

Best of luck to you and don’t forget to submit your work and resume by the end of the day.

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