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Do you have a tendency to write extra long Facebook posts? Do you find that you always have something to say and your posts look more like dissertations than actual post? If you say yes to either of these questions then you need to start a blog.

Listen, we all need a platform. Thankfully social media gives us all the opportunity to create our own platforms to use as we see fit. If you have something to say why say it for free on Facebook? You can actually create an entire platform that can help you earn money while you get a few things off your chest. So, here are a few suggestions on how how to turn your posts into profit.

First things first, if you’re new to the concept of blogging  don’t freak out. Once you get your site setup the process can be pretty simple and there are multiple tools that can help you stay organized. Here are the steps you need to create your first blog

Step 1 Create a Blog Name

Take a quick look over your long Facebook post. Do you notice a pattern? You tend to talk about the same subject over and over again? Notice any patterns? This will give you an indication to your theme and can help you determine what you want to name your blog. Once you’ve decided what you’re seeing or Niche is then go to a site like GoDaddy dot-com to search your suggested Blog name. If that Blog name is available go ahead and purchase it. If you have a few extra dollars you may want to purchase different versions of your blog name like suchandsuch.com, suchandsuch.net and suchandsuch.org that way you’ll own various versions of your site name.

Step 2 Decide on a Hosting Site

The hosting site is what powers your blog. You can actually skip step one and do step one and two together when you choose your hosting site. I personally suggest Bluehost. I like the freedom and the control with you to you and you can work easily with the WordPress platform. Please visit the enclosed add for more information on Bluehost.

Step 3 Choose a Platform and Theme

So I am partial to using WordPress but there are many others you can choose from. I personally like WordPress because it gives you the opportunity to run ads on your blog. Ads give you another opportunity to win earn money. What you are creating is a little business. From the platform of your blog you have many opportunities to make money through ads, affiliate marketing and creating and selling your own products. If you are not text savvy or if you don’t have the time to build your own blog you can always pay someone to create it for you.

Step 4 Say Something

Once you have the structure created now it’s time to use it. Start posting away. Say what you want to say and how you want to say it. Depending on your goals for this blonde you may want to consider Wyoming friends were interned to contribute articles as well. It’s always nice to have additional voices. It’s also nice to give other people a platform to share their thoughts. But that is totally and completely up to you.

Step 5  Share The Love

Once you have successfully published your first blog post then you’re going to want to share it on social media. Even make an announcement to all your friends that you have this new blog and you love to have folks check it out. Now you can free up your Facebook timeline from your long diatribes on whatever moves you that day end post your blog articles instead.

Finally, this was just the bare bones quick 5 Steps on how to turn your long Facebook posts into profit. Please CLICH HERE for more in-depth instruction on how to create the blog and create winning blog post. Please feel free to share your new blog  in the comments below. I’d love to know about your progress. Happy blogging.

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