As I get back onto the blogging horse I have to remember to include weekly posts of gratefulness. I’m going through my personal metamorphosis and I am reconnecting with gratefulness. Today I am grateful for Grace.

Lord, Lord, Lord there are so many times in my life when things have could have been the absolute worse and they were not. That does not mean that I have not had troubles, stress, or tribulation in my life. I’ve definitely had my share. What I’m focusing on today is that my life is filled with grace.

The past few years have been particularly difficult. Much of the time I was in a low energy or depressive state. I try my best to manage multiple tasks but at some point all of my efforts seem to go to hell.I honestly feel like I’m being tested most times. Sometimes I feel like my life is 1 episode of how much can you take? I could have hit my Breaking Point multiple times but honestly I didn’t. I didn’t, at least to the point of irreparable damage.

As I write this I can think of countless incidents where I felt like giving up altogether because the pressure was too great. They are so many demands on my time that I honestly can’t accomplish it all at once. I’m failing. at that moment I realize that I was not practicing my faith to the fullest and I was not being grateful for every single moment. that makes the difference you know, gratefulness. Gratefulness is like a smooth drink, it really takes the edge off of life.

So, here I am, flaws and all. I am grateful for every bump, every bruise, every trial and every tribulation. I’m growing and that’s a beautiful thing. I am reconnecting my faith and returning to a routine of prayer and meditation. Whatever is on the horizon for my blogging journey, my acting journey or my life journey in general as long as I keep gratefulness in my heart I will always be okay in the end.

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